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  1. Rowan 4-Ply Soft
  2. Shade: 1 Honk (300); 1 Nippy (376)
  3. Content: 100% merino wool
  1. Rowan Kidsilk Haze
  2. Shade: 1 Khaki (601); 1 Marmalade (596); 1 Caramel Swirl(604)
  3. Content: 70% super kid mohair 30% silk
  1. Rowan Denim
  2. Shade: 1 Nashville (225)
  3. Content: 100% cotton
  1. Rowan 4-Ply Cotton
  2. Shade: 1 Vamp (117)
  3. Content: 100% cotton
  1. Rowan Cotton Glace
  2. Shade: 1 Splendour (810)
  3. Content: 100% cotton
  1. Rowan Felted Tweed
  2. Shade: 1 Herb (146)
  3. Content: 50% Merino Wool 25% Alpaca 25% Viscose/Rayon
  1. Debbie Bliss Wool/cotton
  2. Shade: 1 Terracotta (610) Lot 240
  3. Content: 50% Merino Wool 50% Cotton
  1. 2.75mm, Swallow Casein
  2. 3.00mm, Swallow Casein
  3. 3.25mm, Swallow Casein
  4. 4.00mm, Swallow Casein
  1. Hand wash
  2. Cool rinse

  1. date: February-April 2004
  2. size: Various
  3. made for: Ada
  4. pattern: Debbie Bliss The Baby Knit Book, Baby Style
  1. date: February-April 2004
  2. size: various
  3. made for: Ada
  4. pattern: Herringbone bootees, Zoe's Mellor's "50 Baby Bootees"
  5. Knot shoes, Ibid
  6. Denim shoes, Ibid
  7. Textured-cuff bootees, Ibid
  8. Simple shoes, Ibid
  9. Duck feet, Ibid
  10. Hat with top knot & socks, Debbie Bliss' "Baby Knits Book"
  11. Felted Tweed hat & shoes, Debbie Bliss' "Baby Style"
  12. Textured-cuff bootees, Zoe's Mellor's "50 Baby Bootees"

Wind-up: (from ltop to bottom, left to right) 1) A mixed-pattern 'Ring-around-the-rosie set', made w. leftover white and red 4-Ply Soft from Lucy's cardigan. The hat is topped it with a flower from the "Lottie" cardigan;
2) Two Kidsilk Haze knot shoes in subdued colors, one a sage gray and the other a blend of Marmalade and Caramel Swirl;
3) I'd wanted to make these babies ever since I first picked up the book. Rowan Denim was also the first yarn I ever stashed. I used off-white rubber buttons (JHB International) , and the strap is secured with a small hook-and-eye instead of buttons;
4) Yet another bootie is born of the 4-Ply Soft left over from "Lottie". Knitting this 'Textured Cuff Bootie' is almost like opening a pop-up book. As the shaping kicks in, the odd assortment of stitches on the needle fold themselves into a small shoe;
5) Everyone likes a red Mary Jane. This one is in a discontinued shade of 4-Ply Cotton, with a small glass pearl button (JHB International);
6) I made a pair of socks(?) from the "Duck Feet" pattern in saturated blue, turning the prosaic duck into that rara avis, the Blue-Footed Booby. For those who aren't into birds, they look like cotton scuba flippers;
7) Thick handknit goodness. Leftover yarn from Tom's ribbed sweater turns into a reverse-colorway pair of socks for his new sister;
8) The tweed keeps this pattern from being precious, and the garment is easily as soft as one of the fine merino wools; 9) The Textured-Cuff bootee really does look good in any yarn.

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