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Designing a site for the Sunnyvale-based seminconductor parts maker was actually a lot of fun. Like a lot of successful niche-market companies, they just hadn't gotten around to getting a proper site. The job was brought to me by one of my IDG colleagues who had a family connection to the company.

While the site had to be functional in that part of its raison d'etre was being an ordering UI, I could see that there were no plans by the firm to maintain the site's content. There was also no in-house web design know-how and no publishing system or DB, so I wanted to keep everything very clean and spare. Which, of course, I rather prefer.

Simple, spare, compatible. No templates, no Flash, hardly any images. So what are its superpowers?

  1. Colour. Predominantly and exuberantly Dead Ringers red, with accents in fluorescent green (yes it is, and I laught at your doubts), black and white. Just four colours for the entire site, excepting the shades of red in the photos.
  2. Typography. Jason Kottke's Silkscreen is still the most versatile pixel font. And it's a shareware (do donate though).
  3. Size: Under 20K on every page. (If stuff got added by their staff, I don't know about it.)

While the job as a whole was not as smooth as I'd hoped due to the fact that the client and I had very different ideas about pacing, I think they were satisfied with what they got. I also gave them bargain rates. The site was live for over 2 years, then oddly enough, they reverted to what they had prior to the redesign.

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